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EU to Propose New Rules to Let Member States Ban Biotech Crops

The EU is facing criticism on their proposed plan for new rules that would allow individual member states to ban the sale of genetically modified crops for nonscientific reasons.

Under the plan, member states would be able to ban the use of biotech crops if they believed there was an "overriding" public interest. EU lawyers say this provision would allow bans under WTO rules, even on crops that have passed safety reviews.

"Generally, all roads lead back to the core principle of sound science," said executive partner Brendan McGivern.

Earlier this year, the EU finalized rules that allow individual nations to ban approved biotech crops from being grown on their own territory. This plan goes further and seeks to allow national governments to restrict all uses of the crop on their territories.

The Wall Street Journal reported that EU scientific authorities have "repeatedly found that most biotech crops are safe for the environment and for human consumption," but only one variety is approved to be grown in Europe.